The relief project for people in Manila affected by two typhoons and COVID-19 was able to benefit nearly 60 families. Food items, medicine and soap were purchased thanks to the donations received from Sisters of Our Lady of the Missions Australia and UK & Ireland Provinces. More than half of the street children sponsored by the Kuya Centre found their already makeshift homes of cardboard and tarpaulins underwater during the typhoons. A month after the typhoons, some areas were still underwater.

Christmas Cheer 2020

The Christmas care packages were prepared and distributed by staff of the Kuya Centre and RNDM Sisters, including our own Sr Kate O’Neill RNDM. They were distributed on 17th and 18th December in the hope of making Christmas a little brighter for the families.

Words of thanks from Sr Kristene RNDM in Manila

“This catastrophe must have proved the resilience of the Filipinos for a million times but it cannot be repudiated that these have impacted their lives and have affected them financially and physically. The deep emotional and psychological effects have also left a huge imprint of trauma and fears. Seeing the reality of the families in street and slum situation makes us sad knowing that with our current circumstances, it will take more time for them to rebuild and recover but it is a consolation to know that there are still many generous people who are willing to support and extend help to the most vulnerable in our society. Through our simple gesture we hope that we are able to bring a glimmer of joy and hope to these families. This endeavour was made possible and successful because of the kindness and generosity of our Sisters and friends in Australia and UK and Ireland Provinces. Our big appreciation and thanks for wholeheartedly supporting us in our mission.”

Barlow, Shelley

Sr Shelley Barlow

Shelley Barlow was born in seaside Mordialloc in 1941 and grew up in Oakleigh Victoria. Shelley taught at her Alma Mater Sacred Heart Girls’ College Oakleigh, but her teaching, parish and motor mission ministry was mostly in WA. Short-term Ministry in the Philippines, Vietnam and Myanmar was a great joy for her. The heightened experiences of interculturality and finding the face of God in the other, have been bright highlights in her life. Currently Province Vicar she also enjoys pursuing her passion for creation spirituality through retreats and book clubs.