Our Vietnamese Missions

Vietnam Mission

Vietnam today is our largest Province. There is a high proportion of young Sisters who are now the missionaries going out to meet the needs of people across the world. Currently Vietnamese Sisters are contributing to the RNDM mission in Laos, France, Peru, Philippines, South Sudan, Kenya, Senegal, UK & Ireland and Italy. The missionary outreach in Vietnam includes hostels for tribal children, orphanages, teaching, pastoral ministry and social ministry especially empowerment of women and single mothers. Many of their missions are in remote places particularly with the tribal and indigenous peoples and have established some cooperatives such as a rubber plantation which employs many local people and is a source of self-sustainability.

Region: Vietnam
Featured Projects: 3
Number of professed Sisters: 172

Project 1 – COVID-19 Relief

During the COVID-19 lockdown the villagers around the Da Lat Community have been greatly affected because of enormous poverty, lacking food, the risk of losing their job and having no money. They have been very scared of what might happen if they are infected with the virus. Money donated by Australia enabled the Sisters to purchase rice and other cooking ingredients to give out to the villagers to help them through this time.

Project 2 –  Hostels

In several remote villagers we have Hostels supporting the education and living costs of indigenous children, who would otherwise not be receiving an education.

Project 3 – Thanh Tam Hostel for Young Single Mothers

Thanh Tam Hostel in Ho Chi Minh City supports single pregnant girls who have been rejected by their families. The Hostel provides a safe environment where the young women have the opportunities for skills development to enable them to have a better future for themselves and their child. The Sisters endeavour to reconcile these girls with their families.

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Barlow, Shelley

Sr Shelley Barlow

Shelley Barlow was born in seaside Mordialloc in 1941 and grew up in Oakleigh Victoria. Shelley taught at her Alma Mater Sacred Heart Girls’ College Oakleigh, but her teaching, parish and motor mission ministry was mostly in WA. Short-term Ministry in the Philippines, Vietnam and Myanmar was a great joy for her. The heightened experiences of interculturality and finding the face of God in the other, have been bright highlights in her life. Currently Province Vicar she also enjoys pursuing her passion for creation spirituality through retreats and book clubs.