Sisters of Our Lady of the Missions and partners in Australia are enabling children to achieve greatness at Ndoromo School in South Sudan. In early 2021 we told you about Ndoromo School requiring funding to open up again following COVID lockdown. In June we were able to share with you that thanks to the generous support of our partners in mission we were able to fund the school for 12 months of operation. The school re-opened at the beginning of May 2021.

One of our major partners in this project is Star of the Sea School Rockingham in Western Australia. The school organised a walkathon in 2021 to raise funds for Ndoromo School and have developed a partnership with the students. Recently the students at Ndoromo wrote to the students at Star of the Sea and their letter writing will connect these two schools across the world. Star of the Sea are now planning a walkathon to continue to support their friends at Ndoromo School.

“I thank you so much for making friends with us here . . . we are really very happy to be friends with you.” writes Jingbo Mary from Ndoromo

Many challenges at the school have been faced and overcome, including a lack of nearby water, damaged toilets and broken desks. The community, including the local Chief, parents, teachers and students have come together to make repairs, clean the school and build 70 news desks. The local borehole has been repaired and clean water is now available near the school.

New desks


Positive outcomes for the students include successful completion of Exams, competitions for sports teams and debating competitions, and their speaking and reading of English has greatly improved.

“Our teachers are good. They teach us many things. I was not able to speak and write English but now I can speak well” writes Dita from Ndoromo

Students doing Exams


The school’s reputation is growing, families in surrounding villages are keen to send their children to the school and there are nearly 100 students – up from 51 in the previous school year.

The next challenge is keeping the school open, and funding is urgently needed for the next school year which begins in May 2022.

We are seeking donations to ensure we can continue to support this school to grow and provide opportunities for the village children to help them continue to achieve their goals and have a better and brighter future.

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Barlow, Shelley

Sr Shelley Barlow

Shelley Barlow was born in seaside Mordialloc in 1941 and grew up in Oakleigh Victoria. Shelley taught at her Alma Mater Sacred Heart Girls’ College Oakleigh, but her teaching, parish and motor mission ministry was mostly in WA. Short-term Ministry in the Philippines, Vietnam and Myanmar was a great joy for her. The heightened experiences of interculturality and finding the face of God in the other, have been bright highlights in her life. Currently Province Vicar she also enjoys pursuing her passion for creation spirituality through retreats and book clubs.