To our Partners and Friends,

We are Easter people and “Alleluia” is our song.

It is not the death of Jesus on the cross that makes us Christian, but the fact of his resurrection from the dead. It is by the raising of Jesus that we are certain and sure in our hope of everlasting life with God. The perfect love that Jesus preached on Holy Thursday, enacted on Good Friday, is realised in the gift of the resurrection. That is why we sing “Alleluia”.

The betrayal of Jesus that led to his crucifixion is being played out today in our suffering world, through Covid and consequent loss of loved ones, loss of jobs, loss of income. The political unrest and loss of democracy for the people of Myanmar is of grave concern for the rest of the world. We pray that there will be a peaceful resolution without further loss of life.

The suffering of Refugees and all people who suffer any form of discrimination is also a blight on the landscape of our society.

Amidst even the darkest times there is always a glimmer of hope, a helping hand, a word of encouragement and support, the love of family and friends. These simple gestures give us the hope to keep going and enable us to see the light guiding us into the new life of Easter.

Alleluia, Alleluia, Christ is Risen!

May the Risen Lord be our source of hope and peace at this difficult time across our world.

On behalf of the Sisters of Our Lady of the Missions we wish you and your families every blessing of good health, joy, hope and peace this Easter.

“We are beginning to realise how quickly life passes. The years follow one another with such rapidity that we find we have gone a long way, almost without noticing it. Whatever may have been our little or great trials in life we are happy if we remain faithful to God’s grace in every circumstance, doing everything to the best of our ability moment by moment out of love for God who never turns away from us.” Euphrasie Barbier, 1892

Barlow, Shelley

Sr Shelley Barlow

Shelley Barlow was born in seaside Mordialloc in 1941 and grew up in Oakleigh Victoria. Shelley taught at her Alma Mater Sacred Heart Girls’ College Oakleigh, but her teaching, parish and motor mission ministry was mostly in WA. Short-term Ministry in the Philippines, Vietnam and Myanmar was a great joy for her. The heightened experiences of interculturality and finding the face of God in the other, have been bright highlights in her life. Currently Province Vicar she also enjoys pursuing her passion for creation spirituality through retreats and book clubs.